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TOD Plan study area viewed from I-95. The Remgrit site’s tall brick Shot Tower is prominently visible at the center of this photo. Other landmarks include the Bridgeport Trade and Technology Center at far left, Yellow Mill Channel in the foreground, and Bridgeport Hospital at far right.
View from the Shot Tower. This panoramic view from the 100-foot tall tower shows where other Remgrit buildings have been removed to make space for redevelopment. East Side homes are visible to the right, with Downtown visible in the distance beyond them. Long Island Sound can be seen at top center.
Looking Downtown from the Remgrit site. This view from the former factory includes East Side homes along Helen Street in the foreground, the yellow-brick Bridgeport Trade and Technology Center beyond, and tall Downtown buildings in the distance.
Future greenway? The Yellow Mill Channel could be transformed into an attractive green space with a recreational path and park space.
Arctic Street. The Remgrit site’s Shot Tower is a prominent landmark at the corner of Arctic and Helen Streets.
Bridgeport Hospital. The Remgrit site, bottom right, could help provide better access to Bridgeport Hospital, top left, the city’s largest employer and the region’s major medical center.
Walking routes to the station. This stretch of Seaview Avenue will become an important pedestrian route from the East End to the station area.
Walking routes to the station. Improvements have been identified in other studies for the intersection of Barnum and Seaview Avenues, an important link connecting East End and Mill Hill residents and workers to the station area.
Helen Street. The East Side neighborhood borders the Remgrit site to the east; Helen Street is an important north-south connection between Boston Ave and the station.
Waterview Park. This park is a waterfront amenity that will benefit from its close proximity to the station.
Kickoff Workshop. A diverse group of more than 30 people shared their ideas for the Barnum TOD area’s future. Common themes included more open space, development that fits the neighborhood, improved walkability between neighborhoods and to the station, and housing that includes filling vacant lots and providing homeownership opportunities.
Group discussion at Kickoff Workshop. Small groups actively discussed potential future uses in the TOD planning area.
Group discussion at Kickoff Workshop. Additional green space including a multiuse trail along the Yellow Mill Channel, improved streets and sidewalks, and new jobs were common themes.
Group discussion at Kickoff Workshop. Development that reflects that character and needs of the community was emphasized by several participants.
Group presentation at Kickoff Workshop. “The station area should be the place where all three neighborhoods meet – a neighborhood anchor.”