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Study Area

Primary TOD Plan Study Area

The TOD Plan includes a community-based vision and revitalization strategies for the area within about ½ mile or 10-15 minutes’ walking distance of the planned Barnum Station. In this diagram, major parcels with redevelopment in progress are colored orange with purple outline. Major parcels with possible future redevelopment opportunity are colored gray with pink outline.

Larger Context

The TOD Plan addresses important relationships between the study area and neighboring areas. How will station area identity support and be distinct from identity of established neighborhoods? How will it complement Downtown? How can the station area contribute to a proposed greenway connecting East Bridgeport with its waterfront?

Immediate Station Area

The TOD plan places special focus on large vacant parcels with redevelopment potential close to the planned transit station – especially the Remgrit site and station sites flanking Barnum Avenue. Improved walking connections to Bridgeport Hospital, other major employers, and neighborhoods are an important priority. Park and recreation opportunities along the Yellow Mill Channel and the creek flowing into it (shown green) are another major priority.